There is something instinctively sacred about dreaming. It is an ephemeral landscape of rebirth, night after night. While we dream, the echoes of our human nature collide with memory and desire. It is this subliminal realm that moves me deeply in creating.

I am compelled to make imagery that dive into dreamscapes. I seek out themes that resonate deeply in my psyche such as perception, consciousness and veils. These reflections take form through two photographic approaches: lyrical portraiture and illustrative abstraction. My images are often created with the intent to mimic a melting of atmosphere and time. Through my distinct practice in digital post-production, the layered compositions that apprehend obscure narratives of interior worlds can come to life.

Time again, I find myself perpetually revisiting notions of what it means to be woman. Through my art I explore the enigmatic archetypes of She. Facets of female embodiment and myth are sifted through my portraits, then becoming soulfully entangled with the elevated realities in my abstractions.

I make my photographs in order to seduce the viewer profoundly closer – toward the physical image as well as into themselves - while creating a space for contemplative reverie, much like we do in our dreams.



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